Why Choose Zinc-nickel Plating?

by | Nov 28, 2018 | metals

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Today, many parts and materials come from iron or steel. It is one of the most durable and cost-effective metal materials you can use. However, these metals have a fatal flaw, and when they get exposed to the elements, they begin to rust. Rust wears away metal, weakens it, and makes it unusable. Zinc nickel plating helps to protect many kinds of metal parts, and it has a wide range of uses today. Here are some good reasons to choose this process for your parts and materials.

Coating with Zinc and Nickel

Zinc is an excellent material for resisting corrosion and wear. Nickel is often used for similar purposes. When you combine the two into an alloy, you receive a material with superior corrosion and wear properties. It also provides other benefits.

Zinc Nickel Plating Benefits

When you use this alloy for plating, you get a very smooth and evenly applied coating. You also enjoy the benefits of bright and shiny parts, and the process does not create burns on the metal.

Many companies need parts which are near perfect and free of blisters, and zinc nickel alloy is one of the best choices. You may need to bend some parts after the coating process. With some alloys, this is not advisable, because it forms whiskers or tiny hair-like structures on the metal. This does not happen with zinc nickel plating.

Do you have applications which use rubber bonded to metal? Perhaps you need exceptional protection from corrosion and rust. Is thermal shock an issue? Thermal shock occurs after metal expands and contracts, and this can cause normal coatings to crack or peel. Zinc nickel coating is resistant to this problem, and it also resists galvanic corrosion. This happens when you place two dissimilar metals together and subject them to an electric current.

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