Eclipse Viewing Glasses

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Eyeglasses

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The 2019 total solar eclipse in the southern hemisphere is fast approaching and every person that wants to safely watch the eclipse should have a pair of eclipse viewing glasses.

On July 2, 2019, the narrow path of totality of a total solar eclipse will cross portions of Chile and Argentina. Areas outside the path of totality will be able to view a partial eclipse. Many people who will be on a cruise in the South Pacific will be able to view a total solar eclipse.

Viewing Safety

The most important thing to know when watching a total or partial solar eclipse is to never look directly at the Sun. In addition, never attempt to use any type of binoculars or a telescope to look at the sun without having a special filter attached to the instrument.

Eclipse Glasses

There are several inexpensive options for people who would like to watch a total or partial solar eclipse. Inexpensive eclipse viewing glasses are available for people to watch the eclipse. These can be purchased from online or traditional stores.

Eclipse viewing glasses are made from a black polymer material to block out the Sun’s harmful rays. These special glasses allow you to see the eclipse without damaging your eyes.

Eclipse viewing glasses are typically inexpensive, lightweight, and portable making them affordable to everyone. All viewers should inspect their eclipse viewing glasses to ensure they are not damaged. Damaged glasses can be just as harmful as wearing no glasses at all.

The 2019 total solar eclipse will be a spectacular event with a lot of cities and businesses along the path of totality celebrating in a variety of ways. Eclipse watchers should check with their city to find a list of events near them. When visiting, do not forget your eclipse view glasses! Most places will sell out fast.

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