Is Zinc Plating The Right Choice?

by | Jul 31, 2018 | metals

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With all the options in metal finishing and plating options, it can be difficult to determine which method is best for a given part or component. Working with an experienced metal finishing service is the ideal option for an Original Equipment Manufacturer to find a cost-effective and durable option.

One of the most commonly selected options, when high levels of corrosion resistance are required for a part or component, is zinc plating. This is a durable option used in the automotive industry, automation, and processing industries, for fasteners and for springs and hardware items in manufacturing and fabrication. It is a process which is ideal for complex to simple parts of all shapes and sizes.

Traditionally, many of the zinc plating processes created a dull gray color matte type of finish. Today, there are new options in this plating that create a lustrous, bright coating that is both distinctive as well as visually appealing for parts and components on equipment, automobiles and in machines. New processes are also non-cyanide, which results in an environmentally safe process.

About the Plate

One of the many advantages of zinc plating is that it provides a very fine-grained coating. With top metal finishing companies, the surface will be burn-free and free from any blistering. This can be accomplished with specific additives to the process that enhance adhesion.

Another benefit to consider is that this type of plating can be applied in a very thin layer to the surface. This is ideal for parts which will require tight tolerances and specifications.

To further create protection for the base metal of the part, after plating a passivation process can be incorporated. This will create an additional level of protection for the metal surface, boosting both self-healing properties as well as overall corrosion resistance.

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