Common Applications For Black Zinc Nickel Plating

by | Mar 8, 2018 | metals

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Zinc is a popular method for improving the capabilities of a metal to survive a harsh environment. Zinc electroplating is a favorite process when it comes to corrosion protection. However, to increase this quality, many fabricators turn to zinc alloys. Among the most popular is black zinc nickel.

The Color of Corrosion Zinc Protection

Zinc plating is identifiable by its colors. These reflect the degree of corrosion protection. They range from the lower levels of protection resulting from clear or blue zinc plating to the higher levels of black zinc nickel plating. While black zinc protection is of a higher degree than other colorful zinc options, black zinc nickel plating increases the anti-corrosion qualities. It improves rust resistance to a much higher degree for metals such as iron and steel.


The level of protection black zinc nickel offers industrial applications is important. It allows the manufacturers to rest assured their products will withstand a certain type of environment. Overall, black zinc nickel is applied to produce excellent corrosive resistant products in the following industries:

 * Automotive
 * Electronic
 * Heavy Truck/Transport

The use of black zinc nickel electroplated parts enables the automotive and transportation industries to produce vehicles that are more durable. Customers can drive them longer with less costly repairs related directly to corrosion. The process also provides electronic manufacturing concerns the ability to outfit their boxes, connectors and housings with the anti-corrosion properties expanding the longevity and functionality of the products.

Innovative Black Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc is a popular choice for those industries who want to protect their parts and products from corrosion. By using an alloy, it is possible to improve this quality. By opting for black zinc nickel plating, the industry further enhances the natural ability of zinc to provide the desirable and essential characteristic of corrosion protection – even in harsh marine environments or on salt-laden roads.

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