Benefits Of A Fiber Laser For A Laser Cutting Company

Fabrication requires reliable, efficient and precise cutting technology to produce reliable products. Companies who require exacting specifications can turn to a laser cutting company to provide them with the material they need – metal that meets their demanding requirements. This technology, specifically fiber lasers, offers a multitude of advantages to those who recognize the qualities and have the technicians who can utilize the devices effectively.

Fiber Lasers

For the past few decades, lasers have provided companies with an excellent cutting tool. Today, laser technology continues to evolve replacing older, conventional CO2 laser equipment with the more modern and versatile fiber laser. As the newest “kid on the block,” fiber lasers are the latest innovation. The light stems from diodes arranged in a bank. Channeling and amplifying this light via a fiber optic cable produces the basis of the fiber laser. On leaving the fiber optic cable, the light now undergoes straightening (collimation) before a lens focuses it on the material undergoing the cutting process.

Benefits of Fiber Lasers

A fiber laser cutting company clearly realizes fully the many advantages of fiber lasers for their processes. They:

 * Are compact
 * Have no mirrors or moving components in the source of light, therefore reducing maintenance
 * Offer greater energy efficiency, therefore reducing overall electrical costs
 * Can work in harsh environmental settings
 * Are adaptable to any laser-based equipment
 * Feature modern cooling systems reduce the heat output resulting in no heat damage to the material
 * Have High operational speeds
 * Are capable of slicing through both traditional and reflective materials effectively
 * Low servicing costs

With further even advances, fiber lasers will gain wider acceptance.

Laser Cutting Company and Fiber Lasers

Laser technology can give companies the edge they need. Fiber lasers are becoming standard in industrial concerns around the globe. A fiber laser cutting company knows employing these devices will improve productivity while decreasing costs.

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