Things to Know about Carbide Grinding

In the world of machining, there are many different procedures and some are more profitable than others. For example, should you consider carbide grinding or is it better to outsource this kind of work? Let’s check out this type of operation to help you make an informed decision.

What is Carbide?
When you mix carbon with another element you get carbide. For example, if you take titanium or tungsten and alloy it with carbon you receive a superior cutting tool. This kind of material is used today in dental drills, routers, lathes and many types of drilling and sawing equipment. Because it can be quite expensive it is usually found on the tip of cutting tools and the rest is made from steel. However, when it comes to grinding applications, most are done with silicon carbide equipment.

Carbide is a very hard material. In addition, it is extremely durable and will provide excellent service when used as a cutting tool. It is known for its ability to hold an edge and this means you need to sharpen it less than many other tools. When you blend the benefits of hardness, durability and less sharpening, you have a useful and cost effective material.

What is Carbide Grinding?
Because carbide is very hard, it is not easy to machine. It usually takes special diamond tipped equipment to cut this material. However, carbide must be formed into different shapes so it can be used for cutting tools. Grinding this substance can present some problems.

Difficulties with Machining Carbide
When machining carbide, it must be held firmly in place. In fact, if held manually it may kick out of the machine and this could turn your work piece into a deadly projectile.

Carbide has been known to break apart while machining. This is why one must use the best possible equipment and employ machinists with a great deal of experience.

Dust can be a major safety concern. In fact, the grinding process can emit millions of very tiny particles in the air. It is necessary to have special dust suppression and collection equipment in place to avoid respiratory problems and difficulties with vision.

Do You Wish to Try Out New Things?
Perhaps you are thinking of expanding your operation. It could be time to check out the benefits of carbide grinding. However, you will need to buy specialized equipment and ensure your people have the proper training. Yet, it may be easier to simply hire a trusted machine shop to take care of your carbide needs. This will help you avoid all the startup expenses and headaches associated with expanding your business.

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