Choosing The Best Thread Grinding Service

by | May 9, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

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When it comes to thread grinding, it is important to choose a quality shop with the capacity to work to the required volume for the order as well as offer the precision grinding services required.

Top companies are focused on customer support and service, which means providing not only a range of grinding and associated services but also in working with the customers to produce the lowest cost, highest quality thread grinding for small to large orders.

To help to find the best grinding service, consider the following four elements in choosing a service provider.

Capability to Produce the Thread Form

Not all companies have the equipment and capacity to produce volume orders. Other companies may only work with large volume orders and not take on smaller OEMs.

Additionally, not all grinding companies can produce all thread forms. For example, Acme threads, British threads, metric threads and up to 32-degree Helix angles may not be provided by all companies. Verify the company and handle the thread diameter and length required.

Ability to Deliver the Order on Time

In the aerospace, automation, tooling, EDM and even in the medical device and equipment industry delivering orders on time is a top priority. Check into any grinding companies reputation for on-time delivery.

Working To Specific Tolerances and Requirements

In the industries mentioned above, very specific standards and tolerances are required. Verifying the company selected has the experience in these industries is an important first step in looking for a quality service provider.

Cost and Additional Services

Services with a focus on the latest in equipment and technology in thread grinding systems are able to offer lower costs with faster setups and increased precision. The ideal company will also provide any additional grinding services needed including OD and ID CNC grinding, honing, lapping and centerless grinding services.

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