Simplify Household Chores With The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Kitchen cleaning

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Have you ever been frustrated by the sheer incompetence of your cleaning solutions? It seems like although every brand promises that their formula is the best and that it will effortlessly remove even the toughest stains and dirt, whenever you need to clean something, you end up rubbing as hard as you can and ending up with a surface that is not as spotless looking as you had hoped and expected. Also, a lot of cleaners are only designed to be used on a few surfaces, so you need several different bottles to keep the entirety of your home clean. The problem with this is that the bottles can easily be mixed up, resulting in damage to household items. In addition, a lot of the cleaning sprays out there are made with ingredients that are dangerous for you, your pets and children and the environment. When cleaning sprays get mixed together accidentally or purposefully, it results in poisonous gasses that irritate the lungs and lead to other health problems. To forgo these issues, you need to find the best multi-purpose cleaner.

The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner Is Non-Toxic

Some of the most common ingredients in household cleaners are toxic. You may have noticed that a lot of these cleaners are scented like citrus, right? Well, this synthetic citrus scent has been shown to be linked to cancer. Ammonia and bleach are two other ingredients that are main components of most household cleaners. They are never used together in the same formula, because of the toxic gas that would result, but even separately, they cause many health problems. Children with asthma can have their symptoms worsened by coming into contact with ammonia fumes. On average, every year about 200,000 calls are made to US poison control centers, as a result of toxic exposures to cleaning supplies. Dipropylene glycol butyl ether is another one to watch out for, as it is linked to several problems and can even affect DNA and the reproductive system. Fortunately, it is easy to find a multi-purpose cleaner that is non-toxic.

The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray Is Environmentally Friendly

The same chemicals in cleaning supplies which can harm you and your loved ones also have a negative effect on the environment, with the toxins ending up in the air and water. Even the bottles they come in are not biodegradable and end up cluttering up landfills. Ideally, the best multi-purpose spray would be one that is non-toxic and has a refill bottle. This means you can continue using the same bottle over and over again and the ingredients are safe.

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