Why There Is a Constant Demand for Wood Fences in Hoover AL

The idea of a cozy home surrounded by a wooden picket fence has been considered an ideal for centuries, and there are actually logical reasons for that. Wood fencing can add interest, protect children or pets and help define property boundaries. That is why contractors who provide and install fences in Hoover AL offer a variety of budget-friendly woods that are easily customized for clients’ needs.

There Are Dozens of Styles Available

A primary reason for the popularity of wood fences in Hoover AL is the sheer number of available style options. Some of the most common choices include split rail, board on board, picket, paddock, and stockade. Fencing can also be made from a range of different woods that can be used to create themes ranging from casual to classic. Common products include spruce, fir, pine, cedar, cypress, and redwood.

It Is Easy to Create Custom Yards Around Wood Fences

Hoover AL clients who want the most customizable fencing options often Visit Shelby Fence Company and review wood products. These experts routinely provide and install wood privacy, lattice and picket fences in a range of heights and styles. They also build wood pergolas, trellises, arbors and gates that complement or match fencing. In fact, many customers design entire themes using stained or painted wood elements. Woods can be stained to create a variety of hues or painted. It is easy for homeowners to repaint or stain if they decide to decorate in the future.

Wood Is Budget Friendly

One of the most popular reasons to choose wood fencing is its cost relative to other materials. It is far less expensive than wrought iron fencing as well as most vinyl and aluminum materials. Wood provides a timeless elegance that is affordable to maintain with occasional scrubbing. Damaged areas are easily replaced and surfaces can often be restored with sanding and re-staining or painting. Many quality wood fences last several decades with just routine care.

The classic wood fences that have been used for centuries are still popular today. Property owners choose wood over other materials because it is affordable and good-looking. Wood fencing is also available in dozens of material and style combinations, so it is easily adapted for any use or decorating style. From aluminum and wood fences to chain link fences and backyard fences, you can depend on Shelby Fence Company.

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