Add Convenience and Security With Electric Gate Openers

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Fence Contractor

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Once a property is secure with fencing, why not add electric Gate Openers for convenience. An electric gate opener makes padlocks and other locking mechanisms unnecessary. First, a fence material and style must be chosen and installed. Then, stylish metal or wooden gates can be added for convenience and security. The customer will have a chance to choose the kind of security measures to use at these breaks in the security fencing.

Why Fence?

Why do people choose to fence their properties? Though some people fence their yards for strictly decorative purposes, most people have security in mind. People often want to keep wild animals or strangers out of their property. Businesses fence to keep thieves away from their outdoor merchandise or equipment. Animal owners fence to keep their pets or farm animals in. Others fence to give themselves a sense of privacy and safety.

In horse country, there will be miles of beautiful white fencing to keep the horses where they belong. Cattle ranches use strong fences to keep their stock within their boundaries and to keep them from being stolen. Wrecking yards are fenced to hide their piles of old cars and trucks from view. People with swimming pools must fence to make sure neighboring children do not fall into the pools and drown and for privacy.

Choosing a Fence and Gate

Fencing can be made of several materials including iron, chain link, wood, vinyl, and masonry. Fencing can also be a mixture of materials such as metal and wood. Every fenced area needs one or more gates to let people enter their properties. There may be a small gate for pedestrian traffic and a larger gate to let cars enter the property. These gates can be wood or metal and they can open and close with some kind of latch and a locking mechanism.

Gate Openers can also be electric or electronic with easy opening with a code or a hand help control much like a garage door opener. At large private estates, there may be a gate with an electric opener operated by a gatekeeper or controlled from inside the house with a control box to speak into. Mission Fence & Patio Builders can help customers choose the best fencing and gate solutions. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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