When to Seek Athletic Injuries Treatment in Joliet, IL

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Healthcare

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Individuals often spend their time behind a desk all week and wish to get out their energy playing a sport over the weekend. While it might appear to be a good idea to do so, care must be taken to ensure an injury isn’t sustained. Sadly, even with a proper warm up before the sport, a person may find they have injured themselves while playing golf, shooting hoops, or taking part in a backyard football game. When this happens, treatment is needed to ensure the problem does not escalate. What are some common injuries and what type of Athletic Injuries Treatment in Joliet IL should be sought?

Ankle Sprains

When the ligaments in the ankle stretch too far or are torn, this is referred to as a sprain. A sprain commonly impacts the ligaments on the outer portion of the ankle and occurs when the ankle moves too much during an activity, such as when a person is jumping to make a basket. However, a person may also sprain their ankle when engaging in normal, everyday activities. Rest the ankle, ice it regularly, use a compression bandage to help keep swelling under control, and elevate the ankle whenever possible. If the problem does not resolve in a week or two, visit a doctor to determine if there is another issue to be aware of.

Muscle Strains

Muscle strains are also very common among people who play sports of any type. A strain differs from a sprain in that it affects the muscles as opposed to the ligaments. The muscle serves as a natural spring and when the spring is stretched too far, symptoms appear. To avoid this, individuals must ensure they take the time to warm up properly and stop when their body feels fatigued. An overworked body is more at risk of injury, so know when enough is enough.

If you have tried home remedies for your injury with little success, it is time to seek Athletic Injuries Treatment in Joliet IL. Click here to learn more about common injuries, home treatments to try and when to see a doctor. The sooner medical attention is sought, the sooner you will be playing again so don’t delay.

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