What to do when your vinyl fence becomes damaged

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Fence Contractor

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In the event that your vinyl fence becomes damaged, there are many different choices available to you. Mainly you can choose to do it yourself or you can hire a professional fence repair Ponte Vedra Beach company. This company will be responsible for arriving on site at your location with the necessary tools and equipment. They will also have the expert knowledge and experience to repair your fence accurately and efficiently. However should you choose to do the fence repair yourself, it helps to know what to do when your fence becomes damaged.

Cleaning the fence

The first step in vinyl fence repair Ponte Vedra Beach home owners should be aware of is to clean the fence thoroughly. This will remove any dirt and debris that may be present at the site of the crack or hole. Having a clean surface increases the chances of a smoother repair and longer lasting results. This part of the process does not have to be complicated as the cleaning can simply be done with a hose. A damp cloth can also be used to clean the fence ensuring any dirt and debris that is present can be washed away.

Sanding the perimeter of the crack or hole

Once the fence has been cleaned near the repair section, the next step is sanding the perimeter of the crack or hole. This does not have to be too complicated and can just take a few minutes if done properly. Simply take medium grit sandpaper and wrap it around a hard object such as a brick. Use repeated motions to sand the area down until it is completely even. The goal is to even out any uneven sections and burrs that can cause the repair to be bumpy.

Filling the area with foam

During fence repair, Ponte Vedra Beach property owners should know that once the fence has been completely sanded down, they can then fill in the space. Wherever the fence has become cracked or opened, foam can be inserted to even it out once again. This is mainly used if the hole is bigger than 1 inch in diameter. Expanding foam is typically used to repair the vinyl fence and then any excess can be sawn away.

Sand & paint

After the hole has been filled in with foam, sanding and painting is the next step in the process. This will give the fence a smooth and even finish. However for the most professional results, it is best to work with experienced fence repair Ponte Vedra Beach companies. Affordable Fencing Fence Outlet Center offers professional fencing services you can rely on.

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