What is an IP Time Clock, and How Do They Work?

There are several names that an IP time clock can go by, but they all mean the exact same thing: a clock that is connected to the Internet, to internally register time. These types of clocks are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to their use within traffic lights and signals. But you might be wondering to yourself how this type of clock works, exactly.

The Internet Connection and DST Conundrum
These clocks work via an Ethernet connection from somewhere in the area that the clock is placed. If the clock is internally installed into a signal beacon—at a school zone, in a traffic light, or in another designated speed zone, for example—then this connection is doubly important and often found locally. By connecting into the local WiFi, as Instructables explains, the clock is capable of registering both the time zone and the current time in the area. If the clock is merely being used for timekeeping, this means that you won’t even have to worry about the clock shutting off or losing power; it’s connected to the Internet, after all. If the clock is internal and used to help facilitate a timer within another piece of equipment, such as signal beacons, then the clock serves to ensure that the signal goes off at a precise, appropriately programmed moment.

When do signal clocks with an Ethernet connection go off? You will often see these types of clocks in school zones, or in areas that suffer from a high rate of speeding offenses. They help to enforce speed limits in school zones by keeping traffic lights on a timed cycle, and can therefore greatly reduce car accidents, pedestrian injuries, and traffic issues. Most traffic lights are on a timer during the day, and then on a sensor at night. The daytime timer will keep traffic flowing at a reasonably steady pace—faster or slower—depending on the location. Without the Internet connection accessed by these time clocks, it would be very hard to ensure that the internal timers go off effectively when they need to.

Many Uses
No matter what you call them, these IP time clocks are a valuable asset when it comes to regulating traffic and keeping roads safe for children, pedestrians, and other drivers alike. There’s a reason why companies, for example, pride themselves on their efficient, well-crafted IP time clocks. When it comes to keeping school zones safe, the utmost level of technology is essential.

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