Making Smart Choices When Getting Asian Take Out in Los Angeles

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Food & Drink

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When someone is concerned about their fat intake, they may be a bit wary about ordering take out Asian food. While ordering out can be a bit more with the caloric intake on average, there are still several choices one can make to help them keep with their diet. Here are some choices that may be taken when ordering Asian Take Out in Los Angeles.

Ordering food without fatty beef or pork is best when someone is on a diet. There are several Asian dishes that incorporate vegetables, fish, or chicken as the main course. These are healthy options that are tasty. If someone wishes to partake in a beef or pork selection, they can order a smaller side dish portion with these meats added. Having a spare rib or few bites of meat is another alternative.

There are several soups that will fill up the stomach without a lot of calories in the process. Opting for a water or broth-based soup is better than one made with cream. These soups can incorporate vegetables and noodles rather than fattier substances.

Rice is a healthy option for a side dish. This can be dressed up with vegetables and a light sauce for flavor. Choose a rice dish over one made with noodles if fat intake is a concern. Vegetables can be grilled and used as an accompaniment with delicious flavoring. Stay away from fried foods whenever ordering Asian foods. Ask that all foods are cooked in a light oil rather than a heavier vegetable oil. Asking that vegetables are only lightly coated in oil is another choice that will cut down on harmful fats.

When ordering Asian food, do not skimp on dessert! A fortune cookie is a lightly sweetened treat that will not tip the scales with a high fat content. This can be a great way to end a meal from an Asian Take Out in Los Angeles. If someone wishes to browse a menu or has questions about what types of foods are offered at a great establishment dealing in take out, they can click here to get more info.

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