What is a Video Surveillance System?

A video surveillance system in Jacksonville, FL, is a system of one or more video cameras which are connected via a network to send images and audio from the camera to another location. These images can be monitored in real time or sent to a central location where they are recorded before being stored for later use.

Equipment Required

The most basic items needed for video surveillance include cameras and a recording or monitoring device. You can also add two-way speakers to add audio to the recordings. This is becoming more popular as it adds another facet to the ability of the monitoring company when it comes to determining what is happening at a particular location. Other than that, you don’t need much more. Surprisingly, a video surveillance system can be inexpensive and easy to install.

Uses for Video Surveillance Monitoring

While the most common reason to monitor cameras is to catch criminal activity, there are many other ways that video surveillance can be used positively. We’ll look at a few of those now.

Industrial Processes

Having video monitoring of an industrial environment can be helpful, especially if the location is too hot or loud for traditional monitoring. An employee can view what is happening in an area without being on-site as they watch a monitor that shows exactly what is happening in real-time. This gives them the information needed to adjust or stop a process that isn’t going as planned.

Access Control Monitoring

With a video surveillance system in Jacksonville, FL, you can monitor for intrusion and access control. This can cut down on needed man hours and lessen the need for additional equipment. If you hire a monitoring company, you do not need a constantly staffed front desk. You also eliminate for all of the equipment a receptionist would use during the day.

Employee Escort

A new and popular service offered by monitoring companies is visual employee escort. This means that when a worker needs to leave the premises and head to their car, they can call a technician who can check out the area ahead of time and let them know it’s okay to go. Alternatively, they can watch the person leave and make it safely to their vehicle.

There are many uses for a video surveillance system, both in your home or your business. If you’d like to learn more about how a customized security package would benefit your company, contact us at Security Center USA You can learn more about us at website

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