5 Ways to Rank Higher and Get Better Consumer Engagement with Your Pages

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Internet Marketing

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Improve the design of your pages. Read on for expert tips on how to rank higher on the SERPs and get better engagement from your market.

Use animated site technology

Design is the first thing people notice about a site. If your pages are not optimized for mobile, though, that’s going to cut down on your traffic considerably, the Huffington Post says. If you have super low traffic and high bounce rates, hiring web design pros in Cedar Rapids may be the best move you can make to fix your site and g

Address core concerns

Don’t get too caught up in the idea of showing customers how great you are that you lose sight of their concerns. Make sure your website communicates your services, vision, and audience. A good team of design specialists can help you make that happen.

Write compelling content

Content can help you get more customers and clients. That’s what a marketing team can do for you. That doesn’t just mean providing you with site content that you can use for the next five years or so. It involves upgrading your site pages with content that’s fresh and relevant to keep your audience coming back to your pages.

Use a simple design

A lot of entrepreneurs want to say too much with their site pages. Don’t make the same mistake. Keep it simple. Ask your website designers for advice. Too many design elements on your pages will derail the user experience, which could put off potential customers and clients.

Make every page count

Treat every page as a landing page. Put up content that’s going to enhance your sales funnel further. If you want to concentrate on getting local traffic to your site, optimize by using Local SEO. Ask your web design pros in Cedar Rapids for tips and advice.

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