What is a recruitment agency?

by | Nov 10, 2011 | Careers And Jobs

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A recruitment agency is a firm that helps job seekers find jobs that suit their skills, qualifications and requirements. They also help companies find out suitable candidates for vacant positions. So in this way, a recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between a company needing suitable employees and employment seekers. Different companies have varying manpower needs, which depend upon the nature of their business, size of the company among several other factors. A recruitment agency, screens candidates and maintains a database, which list the job seekers according to their skills, requirements and qualifications. It also maintains a database of various positions that need to be filled, along with the requirements of those positions.

The reputation and business of recruitment agencies depends upon the kind of candidates they provide to various companies. It also depends upon the satisfaction levels of candidates, regarding the jobs they have been provided by a recruitment agency. If a company that has signed up with a recruitment agency, feels that it is not being provided with suitable candidates, then it may stop taking the services of the firm. The same thing can happen with candidates as well. A candidate, who does not get suitable employment from a recruitment agency, may go on to find suitable jobs from other firms.

To sum up, the main functions of the recruitment agency are the following:

a) Headhunting: Headhunting is the primary function of a recruitment agency. Headhunting refers to all the activities that go into the recruitment of workers. Recruitment agencies take into account the requirements of its clients, then search for suitable candidates in its databases, job portals, employment exchanges and even other companies.

b) Requirement of the company: The requirements of the client company are broken down into different components, like qualifications, skills (including soft skills), work experience, age etc. Prospective candidates are then measured and filtered according to these requirements and sent to the client for further screening.

c) Efficient and dedicated candidates: The main aim of a recruitment agency is to provide its client with suitable. So the representatives of a recruitment agency interview the prospective employment seekers properly to ensure that they send the most suitable candidates to their clients, for consideration.

d) Suitable jobs for job seekers: Since a recruitment agency is also responsible for providing suitable employment to job seekers. Its representatives, apart from matching skills and qualifications, try to accommodate the personal requirements of candidates while searching jobs for them.

Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment Agency?

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