Tips for getting an online bachelor’s degree

by | Nov 10, 2011 | Education

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Having an online bachelor’s degree is the easiest way to get a hold over your career. It will help you in getting promoted in your current job or get you a salary hike, or both. But before you go and get yourself enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program, you need to know something more. These are the following:

a) Accreditation certificate: Before you go and enroll yourself in a college of your choice, you have to check that the degree offered by the college is accredited. The colleges and universities need to have accreditation on either a state or on a national level. Accreditation means that the college or the university has sent its curriculum for approval. And their curriculum and course works have been approved by the board of education. Remember, without accreditation your degree has got no credibilty.

b) Reputation of the school: Now that you know that the college has a proper accreditation, you would need to know whether the school is recognized. The next thing that you need to know is whether the bachelor’s degree is transferable or not. This would be helpful to you if you want to pursue further education and want to carry on with a master’s degree. Then you need to be able to transfer your bachelor’s credits.

c) Decide the degree program: After you have decided on the college, it is up to you to decide the degree program that you want to pursue. There are many programs offered by many colleges, but some colleges specialize in particular fields of study. After you have decided on the degree program, check out the schedule of its classes. You can opt for the programs, where you would need to download the course work and complete it within your own schedule. You can also choose the programs, which ask you to log on to the internet a few times in a week, for virtual classes.

d) Required educational qualification: If you want to have a bachelor’s degree from any college or university, you need to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. If you have some work experience then that would be beneficial for you. Previous college credits if any can also be used to shorten the time period for which you need to be in the school to earn a degree. Normally an online bachelor’s degree takes about three years to get completed. Within this period you need to have at least twenty hours of course work per week. If you have prior college credits, or work experience, you can easily complete the online bachelor’s degree program within a year or so.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

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