What Fire Door Testing Can You Complete In-House?

There is always a balance, for any company or non-profit organization, to consider the difference in costs between requiring your maintenance team to carry out safety and health checks within your building and hiring a professional company to carry out, for example, fire door testing in Minnesota. Which is best for you?

Combine Two Definite Plans

Your company may suffer a catastrophe if you do not carry out your fire door testing in Minnesota efficiently and effectively. For this reason, the combination of two specific plans will help increase the safety and health of your employees, volunteers, and visitors.

Some tests can be carried out regularly by your own maintenance team. This should be combined with hiring a professional company, with years of education and experience in managing fire door testing in Minnesota without any complications.

For your own team, you can ask the professionals how to check the gaps, seals, and hinges regularly. While they may carry out this task as part of their regular inspections, where your crew can perform these necessary checks in between the official visits, you will ensure the safety of all the individuals using your building.

You should find out what gaps are allowed around the doors if any. The professionals will tell you that if you can see any light passing from the other side of the door through the gaps, the gap is already too big.

By checking the seals around the doors and the frame, your maintenance crew will be checking that the seals will be able to perform their vital role should smoke or fire break out on your property. Any signs of damage must be reported instantly.

You will regularly check that the doors close properly, and they are intended to close by themselves. The hinges must be permanently fitted correctly with all screws in place.

Where your maintenance team finds a fault, it must be reported and dealt with immediately. This may include requesting that the company that manages your fire door testing in Minnesota attends your establishment urgently to rectify any problems.

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