The Dentist Provides Bleeding Gums Treatment in Monument CO

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Dentist

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Bleeding gums is a sign gum disease is beginning in the gum tissue. This is a sign that should never be overlooked because the condition will only worsen over time and could lead to eventual tooth loosening. It is important a person sees their dentist as soon as they notice their gums are bleeding. Prompt Bleeding Gums Treatment in Monument CO will protect the health of the gum tissue and prevent further issues from developing.

How Does the Dentist Treat Bleeding Gums

When a patient has bleeding gums, the dentist will need to perform a full examination to determine the cause. It is important the dentist is able to rule out simple issues such as brushing too hard or with too hard a toothbrush.

There are typically other signs that will begin to occur with gum disease. The following are the most common symptoms that will be experienced.

  • Gum redness
  • Irritation
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Tooth root exposure
  • Pus drainage
  • Tooth loosening

If the dentist sees any of these signs are occurring, it is certain a gum infection is present. It is important a careful cleaning procedure is carried out to remove any plaque and tartar that may have become lodged under the gum tissue, causing inflammation. If the infection is severe, scaling and planing may need to be carried out to the tooth roots.

Tips For Prevention

Preventing gum disease begins with good oral hygiene practices at home. It is important a person sees their dentist on a regular basis for teeth cleaning so an infection does not occur again in the future. Those who have had gum disease or are at risk of developing the condition may need to see their dentist as many as four times a year so their oral health can be protected.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is important you seek the dentist for Bleeding Gums Treatment in Monument CO. Contact the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry right away and they will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment so you can be examined. With this treatment, your gum health can be protected.

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