Ways to Save on Energy Bills

As the summer temperatures start to swell so does the electric bill as energy consumption climbs higher and higher to keep up with the growing demand. If you have had your air conditioning in Ennis TX properly maintained and serviced you can use these following tips to reduce your energy consumption and lower your electric bill this season:

Leave the Thermostat Alone- Set the thermostat and leave it. Every time you lower and raise the thermostat to control the fluctuating temperatures you make the system work harder.

Open the Windows- fresh air can make a big difference, even if it is not necessarily cold air, fresh air feels better and can help your home feel cooler and will make it more comfortable on hot days.

Use Fans- Ceiling and oscillating fans can be a real energy saver in the summer as they improve air flow which keeps ambient air temperatures cooler than stagnant air.

Limit Kitchen Time- During the hottest parts of the season, try to limit the amount of time you spend in the kitchen cooks so you are not adding to the heat levels in the home.

Get Out of the House – When the temperatures get too hot take the family and head out for the day- shopping at the mall, going to the beach, visiting friends, it all can help you feel less stifled and more relaxed.

Unplug Energy Vampires- turn off the lights when you leave a room, unplug game systems and computers when they are shut down and look for other electronics that might be sucking extra energy.

One of the biggest consumers of energy in the home is the AC unit. This is why servicing your air conditioning in Ennis TX on a regular basis is so important. Call Direct Service today to learn more!

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