What Can Structural Steel Fabrication Services Do For You?

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Metal Fabrication

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If you run manufacturing, warehousing, or another industrial facility in Cleveland, you may have the need for special structures or projects that require structural steel fabrication. If so, you should consider metal fabrication specialists for the job. Here are some of the many services they can provide.

Stairs and Hand Rails

Many large industrial facilities have more than one level, and the best way to access these levels is with metal stairs. To make sure you provide the safest possible environment for your workers, most stairs should have hand rails. Metal fabrication specialists can custom design and create any size rails or stairs you want.

Guard Rails

Guard rails are not just for the highway. They are an important part of many businesses today. Custom guard rails help to protect sensitive machinery and prevent lift truck and heavy equipment drivers from damaging goods or employees.


Does your business use a lot of palletized loads? You can save space and money if you hire a structural steel fabrication company in Cleveland to make custom racks for you. Your racks can make it possible to stack your materials one atop the other. This can give you a great deal more warehouse space.


If your warehouse needs more room for materials, you might be thinking about adding on to the building. This is an expensive option that can sometimes be avoided when you install a custom designed and manufactured mezzanine. Your new mezzanine can give you another level for material storage, and there are several types of mezzanines you can choose from.

More Services

Do you need metal parts ground or painted? Maybe you’re interested in laser etching? When you hire a trusted structural steel fabrication service in Cleveland, they can design and fabricate to your specifications. They also work with stainless steel, fiberglass, and other materials.

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