Types of Fencing in Colorado Springs CO Suitable for Keeping Dogs in the Yard

Some homeowners decide to have Fenced in Colorado Springs CO installed for one primary reason: to keep their dogs in the yard. Depending on the kind of fence they choose, the structure can provide other benefits as well. Obviously, not every fence can contain every breed of dog. A vertically challenged creature like a dachshund or Chihuahua may not be able to scale a 3-ft. high wood fence, but golden retrievers and border collies will do so if they get motivated enough.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing usually is the most affordable option. Not everyone prefers this material because it doesn’t provide privacy. That problem can be solved by planting tall shrubbery around the fence. Vines that drape over the fence also create a more private setting. However, the greenery means a bit more maintenance work for the home’s residents.

Vinyl and Wood

For the easiest privacy solution, vinyl and wood fences are ideal options. As installed by a company such as Affordable Services Inc., the fences can be as tall as local zoning allows. They can include a gate, so people have an entrance and exit apart from the house or garage. Vinyl requires less maintenance than wood, so it is a more popular choice.

Hidden Fence Problems

Hidden electronic fencing connected with a shock collar is very effective at keeping dogs within the perimeter, but it has some disadvantages. First, passersby don’t know that it’s there, and they likely will feel alarmed at the sight of a big dog charging at them and barking. They don’t know the dog will stop at the edge of the yard unless the owners have a sign up indicating the presence of the hidden fence.

Second, dogs have been known to race through the fence when they get really excited. They might be chasing a squirrel or a rabbit, for example. Then they can’t get back into the yard once the excitement is over.

Concluding Thoughts

For those reasons, homeowners often decide against electronic fences and instead choose vinyl, wood, iron or chain link Fencing in Colorado Springs CO. These fences have the added advantages of keeping trespassing critters off the property. Neighborhood dogs, for instance, can’t get in.

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