Two Basic Plastic Injection Molding Methods

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Injection Molding

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If you are looking at plastic injection molding, you should also consider the various methods available. In order to understand what method will best suit your application, you need to look at the options. These are hydraulic and electric. You have to have at least a basic knowledge of what each method offers.

Hydraulic Molding

Since its advent on the market in the late 1930s, this method dominated. They employ hydraulic cylinders and clamping devices to achieve their goals in a mold split into two parts. With the rise of all-electric machinery, usage has waned somewhat. Nevertheless, some manufacturers prefer this method because of certain advantages. The machines

 * Involve lower initial investment
 * Provide speedy injection rates
 * Offer more intense clamp force making it ideal for large components

Not only does this method provide companies with high durability, but greater ejection capability. This is one reason why automotive companies often opt for this method of injection molding, in spite of its use of significant amounts of electricity.

Electric Molding

Since 1984, some companies have turned to all-electric plastic injection molding machines. Powered by high-speed servomotors – digitally controlled, they find this machinery to

 * Be fast
 * Exhibit high repeatability
 * Have excellent levels of precision
 * Be very energy-efficient
 * Perfect for cleanroom applications
 * Produce smaller amounts of scrap material
 * Shorter start-up times

This machinery has a high initial cost increased further when the need comes to replace components. While not suitable for large items, its level of precision is ideal for medical components and small to medium-sized parts.

Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

Companies have other options, including a hybrid. This combines the best of the hydraulic and electric types of machinery. Before you make a decision, be sure to talk to professionals in your company and in the plastic injection molding industry. They can work with you to ensure the option you choose will provide you with high quality, reliable, durable components within your budget.

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