Selecting A Company For Medical Injection Molding

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Injection Molding

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Injection molding is a very highly precise way to create parts and components to the most exacting standards. With the use of a specially designed mold and the choice of the best plastic options, parts can be produced for use in medical implant devices and medical equipment.

Today, with medical injection molding, the most common types of plastics in use include thermosetting polymer materials as well as the thermoplastics. These materials are durable enough to be used to form the full medical device or they can be used for specific parts and components.

When selecting a company to handle your plastic injection molding needs, be sure to look for a company that can offer assistance during the design phase. When the company is working with your design team, you have the benefit of their expertise in the molding projects to ensure it is designed in the most efficient and effective way for both production as well as end-use requirements.

Understands the Medical Device Manufacturing Requirements

While many companies provide injection molding for a wide range of different applications, choosing a company with expertise and experience in the medical design and manufacturing field is critical.

There are many different factors and steps that have to be taken in medical injection molding to allow full approval and validation of the device. This includes documentation of all production steps and methods as well as traceability of materials used in the plastics.

When an injection mold company has extensive experience in the medical device prototype and production field, they already know the requirements and the specifications. This is a help not only for validation but also to avoid incorrect procedures that may delay approval and production.

Quality Control

Not only will the company have a focus on design and development services, but they will also have a focus on quality assurance and control. This is essential both for the prototype development as well as moving into large-scale production after approval.

This ability to transfer or shift production from prototype to full production is another important factor to consider. Knowing the scale of production will be important when comparing different medical injection molding services and finding the correct match for your requirements.

Some injection molding companies offer additional value-added services to consider. This can include assembly of components prior to shipping, speeding up fabrication and production and decreasing logistics issues.

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