Trade Show Materials: What Can a Printer in Fullerton Provide?

by | May 30, 2016 | Digital Printing

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The chance to exhibit at a trade show just opened up, but the business owner is not sure what to take along. A Printer in Fullerton can provide a number of supplies that will make it easy to dress the exhibit. Here are some examples to consider.

Graphics and Banners

While there may not be a lot of time to prepare, the printer in Fullerton can help the client come up with designs for a banner to go along the back of the show booth, plus some graphics to provide more visual interest to the space. The banner can be made using digital images of the company logo and slogan. The graphics and images used for the postures can be created using elements currently in the public domain. As long as they relate to the products sold by the company, they will work fine.

Brochures and Other Printed Matter

Getting information into the hands of potential clients is the whole point of being at the show. The printer can help design basic brochures that slip into a jacket pocket with ease. If something a little larger is needed, the printer can take sales documents the business owner already uses, add some images and different fonts, and come up with a slick magazine-sized brochure that will look great on the display table.

Don’t forget business cards. The printer will have card stock on hand in more than one thickness. Remember a thicker card will tend to stand out a little from the pack. Explore different finished for the card, as well as how to arrange the information printed on the front and back. Keep in mind that while the traditional rectangular cards are always an option, it never hurts to explore other shapes and see if they fit well with the company image.

Items to Give Away

Take along some items to pass on to others at the show. Tried and true things like note pads and pens are fine. Make sure they are customized with th company name and contact information. Consider adding something a little out of the box, like golf ball markers with the company logo on the top.

Getting ready for a trade show is easier with the right printer on board. Click here and learn more about what a printing professional brings to the table. In no time at all, everything will be ready for the show.

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