Color Ideas For Printing Signs at a Print shop in Fullerton

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Digital Printing

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One of the first things to consider when printing business cards, business signs, or other promotional materials is what kind of colors will really make a big impact. Advertising is much more complex than just going to a print shop in Fullerton area and saying “Make a sign for my business.” In fact, choosing the right business advertising materials can be quite complex. Many people find that choosing the right colors can really make a big difference.

For a business that wants to help people make money, green is one of the most effective colors to have printed on a sign or a set of promotional materials. Green is especially effective because it is the color of money, and it puts potential customers in the right mindset for hiring a company that uses that color in advertising. Another color that can be very effective in advertising is light blue or pale green. Both of these colors have been documented as being extremely calming. A company that wants to convey a sense of confidence, calmness, and control should consider using these colors in any of their advertising materials.

For companies that go to a Print shop in Fullerton area to get signs or other advertising materials for a restaurant, there are a couple of colors that really stand out. Both yellow and orange have been found to not only inspire feelings of happiness, but they may also trigger hunger as well. A company that wants to sell any type of food or drinks may want to at least highlight these colors in any of their ads to associate the business with happiness and fullness.

One thing that a Print shop may recommend against is going with a very stark black and white sign. This kind of advertising tends to be less impactful than a colorful sign. While black and white advertising can certainly get the message across, it may not hold the eye in the same way that a vibrantly colored sign or business card would. Some print shops can even create a unique business cards that open up, or cards that have a useful table on the back. This encourages potential customers to keep your cards!

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