Tips From Home Movers In Houston

Tips from professional home movers are a great resource for anyone packing their own possessions. In preparation for any type of move, including local, long distance or international, taking the time to pack items carefully will result in a much lower risk of any type of damage.

Valuable, Breakable, Fragile Items

In some cases, and for valuable items and highly sentimental fragile items, it may be a good idea to talk to the home moving company in Houston. They may be able to recommend specific types of packaging and boxing to provide additional levels of protection. Very valuable items, including artwork, can also be custom crated for maximum protection. Often these types of extremely valuable items are shipped separately by specialized shipping services.

Personally Important Items

While home movers from top companies are extremely careful with all boxed items and possessions, when items are irreplaceable for sentimental reasons, they may be better to ship separately or to take in a vehicle.

This includes legal documents, identification, banking information, photograph albums and other types of similar types of possessions. Most movers also recommend valuable jewelry items be transported by the owner.

Breakable Items

Dishes, glasses, sculptures, ornaments, knick-knack collections and even electronics need to be carefully wrapped and boxed to avoid damage during transit. The top home movers will have specialized boxes for home electronics, and these boxes should be clearly marked as breakable. They may also have dishes for plates and other types of kitchen items, which makes packing easier.

When packing dishes and glasses, always make sure to individually wrap each item, and use lots of packing peanuts or other similar materials between and around each item in the box. Using new boxes and securely taping each box will also be important, along with fragile labels and clear markings as to the additional care required with the box.

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