Understanding the Benefits Offered by a Montessori Kindergarten

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Education

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All parents want to ensure that their children get the best start in life, and the right education to support a positive, successful future. For some of those families, public school may be the right answer. However, for a growing number of NJ parents, enrolling their child in a Montessori kindergarten is the right choice. What benefits might a child experience in such a situation?

Support from the Teacher

One of the most important advantages of enrolling your child in a Montessori class is that he or she will benefit from improved teacher support. The student-teacher-ratio is kept very low intentionally to ensure that all students receive the optimum support and attention. In public school, the situation is reversed, with most students receiving very little support and attention from the teacher.

Hands-On Learning

Another benefit of choosing the Montessori route is that your child will be involved with hands-on learning. Almost all of the curriculum focuses on the individual, physical experience with topics, subjects and related areas.It is opposed to the abstract learning methods focused on in public schools.

Individualized to the Child

Every child is different, with unique needs, aptitudes, and abilities. However, most education takes a one-size-fits-all approach. With a Montessori school, that’s not the case. The entire curriculum is tailored to fit your child’s abilities and challenges, allowing them to learn more fully, and overcome potential problem areas easily.

Focused on Key Development Stages

Montessori focuses on children in preschool and kindergarten, and on helping them achieve key developmental milestones within those age ranges. This includes things ranging from large muscle control to fine motor control, language learning to cooking, arts and crafts to cooperative activities with other children.

Working Together

Finally, you’ll find that within a Montessori kindergarten, there is a significant focus on children working together to achieve specific goals. This cooperative action is vital, as it prepares children for what they will experience in the real world. Most older students and adults do not exist in a vacuum – we must interact and work with others to achieve our goals, to complete projects, and more. By focusing on cooperation at an early age, Montessori schools better prepare young children to share, work courteously with one another, and more.Interested in learning more? Contact Alpine Montessori.

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