Things to Consider When Hiring a Furnace Repair Service in Fort Collins CO for Upgrades

Selecting the right furnace is important to the homeowner’s budget and overall comfort. However, choosing the right unit can be difficult, particularly for first-time buyers. Consider these factors when calling a Furnace Repair Service Fort Collins CO for furnace upgrades.

System Type

There are two main types of furnace system: packaged and split. A packaged system contains a heating and cooling unit and is installed outside the home. Split systems consist of a coil, furnace and condensing unit, and they need more space for proper installation.

Fuel Source

Oil, gas and electricity are the three primary fuel sources for furnaces. Gas is the most economic choice, and propane is a dependable solution for older homes with no gas lines. On the other hand, electricity can be efficient, but it’s costly.

Zoning for a More Comfortable Home

Most homes have hot and cold spots due to overall airflow and layout. However, these differences can be corrected with the implementation of zoning systems. By dividing the customer’s home into sections, a contractor can install area-specific thermostats that allow the homeowner to exercise greater control over the environment.

Incentives and Rebates

When examining the brands and types of furnaces, customers should consider the availability of incentives and promotions. After calculating the price of labor and equipment, the customer can ask the HVAC contractor if there are any rebates or promotions that reduce the job’s overall cost.


For many homeowners, price is an important consideration to make when choosing a new furnace. While an upgrade is a substantial investment, it can pay for itself in terms of greater energy efficiency and lower heating bills. Talk to a local heating and cooling contractor about energy-efficient heating options. Visit here for more details.

While furnace installation itself is typically easy, choosing the right contractor and unit can be complicated. Customers should do their own research before hiring a Furnace Repair Service Fort Collins CO for installation, service and repairs. Paul’s Plumbing & Heating has licensed specialists and contractors who pride themselves on providing prompt, professional service to customers in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas. Call or click today to set up an appointment for service.

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