Why it is Becoming More Common to Find a Tin Ceiling in Brooklyn, NY Homes

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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The beautifully designed tin ceilings that were once common in upscale homes have been out of fashion for decades. Today homeowners in areas like Brooklyn are once again using metal tiles to create stunning ceilings. When choosing a Tin Ceiling Brooklyn NY homeowners can opt for a variety of designs and materials. Their new ceilings are easy to maintain and durable. They also help make homes safer.

Metal Ceilings Are Elegant

The original metal ceilings found in historic New York homes were intended to recreate European splendor but in a practical material. As a result, craftsmen stamped elaborate designs into tiles, which were then added to ceilings. The warmly colored metals, combined with intricate designs, instantly gave homes a rich, elegant feel. By installing a modern Tin Ceiling, Brooklyn NY residents can recreate that original style. Contractors provide a wide variety of metal tiles in chrome, brass, steel, aluminum and copper. There are dozens of patterns available, and many homeowners paint their metal ceilings, to create unique decorating statements.

Tin Ceilings Are Low Maintenance

As soon as a contractor adds a Tin Ceiling Brooklyn NY homeowners reduce home maintenance. The metal will not warp or crack like other materials. Tiles which are not painted cannot peel and do not need refinishing. Simply wiping them down will bring back their beauty, even after decades. In fact, many homeowners who want to avoid making repairs to old plaster ceilings cover them with tin in order to hide the flaws. The metal is very strong and will protect the surface underneath.

Rooms With Tin Ceilings Are Safer

Metal ceilings can also make rooms safer. As a result, many clients who want more security reach out to metal ceiling contractors, often via a company website “contact us” section. All of the metal ceilings that contractors provide are fire resistant. If there is a fire in part of the home, it rarely can get through a metal ceiling. Metal is also water resistant. If condensation or humidity forms in a room, tiles are not affected. Moisture does not cause them to degrade or collapse the way plaster will.

Tin ceilings are making a comeback in New York. Contractors are installing them for homeowners who want to add instant elegance to rooms. Metal ceilings are also easy to maintain as well as water and fire resistant.

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