The Top Features To Look For When Buying A New Washer In Las Vegas

A washing machine makes quick and easy work of cleaning dirty laundry, and recent advancements in technology now allow manufacturers to produce devices that offer a variety of features that enable clothes to be laundered in less time. The vast selection of washing machines available makes it complicated for a household to determine which one will best suit their needs. Before investing in a New Washer in Las Vegas, be sure to consider a unit with the following features to ensure the cleanest clothes possible.

Steam Cleaning

A single stain will ruin a perfectly good article of clothing, and while some cleaners claim to offer stain fighting qualities, they pale in comparison to the power of steam. A steam washer is designed to clean the dirtiest items by using a combination of heat and a gentle washing motion. After the washtub is filled with water, an internal heater will maintain the water at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to help melt away stubborn stains.

Sanitizing Option

Households with children and pets know the horrors associated with germs and bacteria, and while surface sprays are effective at killing them, they are not safe to use on clothing. A New Washer in Las Vegas that offers a sanitize option will kill any bacteria with the power of heat. Clean dog beds and bedding thoroughly by utilizing the natural germ-killing action of hot water.

Dual Washers

One of the most recent advancements in laundry equipment is the incorporation of a separate washtub in one machine. Most will have a large, main tub that is perfect for regular clothing and bulky items, and another that is a fraction of the size and is ideal for washing small garments and delicates. The small tub also makes it easy to clean a small load of laundry without wasting water or detergent.

If the time has come to replace an old and outdated washing machine, be sure to do a little research. Priority Appliances offers a vast selection of the latest laundry pairs in stock and ready for delivery. Visit us online or in person today and discover the advanced cleaning power of a new washing machine.

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