Luxury Accommodations in Kenya for Business or Pleasure

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Travel and Tourism business

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If you were to design the ideal place for short stay apartments in Nairobi it might include a safe and scenic location. You would also want a comfortable apartment space with a master bedroom and a nicely furnished kitchen. High quality touches such as a tiled walk-in shower, comfortable furniture, nice artwork on the walls and excellent lighting would also be desirable. This would certainly be an improvement over switching hotels every two or three days, or staying in a small hotel room.

Business Travelers

If you were traveling on business, either due to a relocation or on an extended business trip, you may have some special wishes. A quiet and serene place to retire to after a hard work day may top the list. A bar and restaurant on the premises would be nice also. A little extra space to get some work done in the morning or in the evening would be a nice touch. A gym with the latest exercise equipment to work off a little stress could be helpful. All of this is available with short stay apartments in Nairobi.


If you are a sightseer on a trip with a few friends, a partner or your family, you might have slightly different needs. A two-bedroom apartment would give you some extra space for privacy and relaxation. You would also like to feel safe and secure, and to be close to things to see. Sights such as the Karen Blixen Museum, the Uhuru Gardens and the Nairobi Arboretum should be accessible, as well as shopping districts and eateries.

You can have all of these things when staying at a spacious, upscale apartment in Kenya. It is a good way to see the area, as well as to make some important business connections. Short stay apartments in Nairobi are suitable for both the business traveler and the sightseer.

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