The Questions to Ask Water Well Drillers in Toms River, NJ

Digging a well has some serious considerations. There are many dangers and complexities of which you need to be aware. You should get in contact with water well drillers to determine a few things. You need to ask them about the location of your well, the depth of your well, and purifying the water for drinking if that’s something you need.

The Location of the Well

If you’re drilling a well on your property, you probably live in a rural rea or at least one that is fairly removed from the rest of the city. Removing yourself from the municipal water supply with a well often means that you also have your own septic tank, gas lines, and power lines. If those things are buried, you need to be aware of where they are. The first question you should ask your water well drillers in Toms River, NJ is where they intend to drill the well. It needs to be away from other underground elements.

You should contact All Hours Pump & Well Service for a consultation. In some cases, they’ll have to actually search for your septic tank if you don’t remember exactly where it is.

The Depth of the Well

The depth of the wall is another thing that’s important to ask the water well drillers. A drilled well goes much deeper than a traditional dug well. A dug well usually hits the first aquifer. The rule of thumb with a drilled well is to ignore the first aquifer and go deeper. Deeper water is more abundant and also cleaner.

Cleaning the Water

Finally, you should ask them about how to purify the water. You’ll need to make it potable, if you want to use it for anything other than washing your car and watering your lawn during dry months.

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