What You Need to Know About Scratch And Dent Restaurant Equipment

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Restaurant

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The term “scratch and dent equipment” refers to used restaurant equipment that is still in perfect working order but has a few superficial or aesthetic flaws. In some cases, scratch and dent equipments are simply equipment that needs to be moved out of inventory fast, offering you a superb deal on quality material. Restaurants, caterers, and food production businesses in Middlesex, NJ can save a tremendous amount of money by purchasing quality scratch and dent restaurant equipment for their kitchens.

Scratches and dents are normal wear and tear on items, which do not affect the actual performance of the equipment. Therefore, you, your staff, and your customers will not be aware of the superficial flaws in the equipment. If the equipment has performance issues, a quality restaurant supplier in Middlesex NJ like JWJ will disclose information so that you know what to expect.

There might be some equipment that you prefer to purchase brand new, such as items that will be front and center on display in your showroom or restaurant. Save your money for the items you must purchase new, and save money by purchasing used equipment when you can. Buying used equipment also means you are making ethical purchases to minimize waste and pollution, something you can proudly share with your customers.

When you purchase scratch and dent equipment, you liberate funds that can be better spent on marketing, customer service, staff improvements, design, decor, and menu item ingredients. Moreover, many restaurant owners in Middlesex NJ prefer scratch and dent restaurant equipment shopping because they can find models that have been discontinued or out of stock elsewhere, or brands that are difficult to locate locally. Whether you are just starting a new restaurant business or are upgrading your existing establishment, scratch and dent equipment is often preferable to purchasing new.

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