The Most Sought After Features In Business Phone Systems In Maui

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Telecommunications

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Businesses of all sizes know the importance of having a reliable phone system. The introduction of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) service has changed the way companies communicate, and now allows organizations to have the Business Phone Systems in Maui they need for an affordable price and with unprecedented scalability. A phone system should be reliable, but should also offer the most advanced features that help streamline operations and give a company a professional appearance. The following represent those features that are ranked as the most important and can help any organization achieve growth and profitability.

Private Branch Exchange

A private branch exchange (PBX) allows callers to select options from a voice prompt and have their call directed to the proper representative or department. It also provides employees with a dedicated extension that can be provided to customers and allow direct contact. Also, it allows calls to be transferred between extensions quickly and can forward calls to voicemail as needed. A streamlined phone system with a PBX option can increase productivity and provide customers with a top-notch customer support experience.

Automated Attendant

An automated attendant is designed to greet customers with a customized recording and provide one button access to what they need. In addition to transferring calls, it can also gather customer information and tie into a company’s existing database and prepopulate information upon transfer. This can help reduce the length of time employees are on the phone, which allows them to greet customers sooner.

Virtual Access

A VOIP system should have a cloud-based interface that allows employees to access their extension and voicemail from any reliable internet connection. Virtual access can also help lower costs and allow an organization to outsource their telephone needs to home-based agents, which alleviates the need for a brick and mortar facility. Put the power of the internet to work, and save money while increasing productivity with VOIP based Business Phone Systems in Maui.

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