Is There Really An Advantage To Refurbished Laboratory Equipment?

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Laboratory

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Often when people ask the question about the advantages or value of purchasing refurbished laboratory equipment, the question is not really about the price but rather about the long-term effectiveness of the equipment.

This concern often stems from not fully understanding the difference between used and refurbished equipment. It can also occur if the equipment is purchased from an online auction or a medical equipment company that doesn’t offer quality customer service and full transparency about the equipment they have to offer.

The Refurbished Difference

Make sure to verify when buying refurbished laboratory equipment what is meant by the seller. Refurbished doesn’t mean the same as repaired, it means that the equipment has been inspected, upgraded, repaired and fully tested to be operating at OEM standards.

Used equipment may also be tested, but it has not been brought up to OEM standards and generally upgraded. The issues noted during testing were repaired, and the equipment is operating properly.

Used “as is” equipment is the riskiest purchase. This means the equipment has not been tested or repaired and it is the seller’s word that the equipment is fully operational. This equipment will not have a warranty or the option for a return.

The Advantages

Aside from the obvious advantage of the much lower cost of refurbished laboratory equipment, there are other benefits to consider as well. With the lower pricing for each system or instrument, it is possible for a lab to upgrade to a larger or more advanced brand, model or testing system with this option.

By upgrading to a complete testing system or one that is more efficient, your lab can take advantage of greater throughput of tests, higher levels of accuracy and fewer errors in analysis, which will have a lot term positive impact.

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