The Importance of Selecting the Right Painting Roller for the Job

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Shopping

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If your business delivers painting supplies to contractors or distributors, you may need to stock a lot of different products. For example, some companies like to use lambskin rollers and may prefer solvent resistant paint roller cores. Educating your customers about choosing the right roller can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Here are some important points to remember for roller selection.

What is Nap?

Nap is the length of the roller fibers. As a general rule, most painters prefer shorter nap lengths for smoother finishes and longer nap lengths for rough or textured finishes.


There is a wide range or paint roller covers including natural and microfiber, mohair, and many types of manmade materials. Some rollers come with carpeted covers, and these are great for applying textured paint. The higher density fabric or foam you use, the more paint the roller will absorb and apply. Mohair is an excellent natural material that can be used with all paints, including urethane and epoxy finishes.


The roller core is just as important as the cover. In fact, most solvent resistant paint roller products have phenolic cores. Solvent resistance is important for many types of finishes.

Economy Rollers

When choosing economy rollers, make sure to check what kinds of paint may be used. For example, some rollers should only be used on flat or primer paint.

More Choices

When you give your customers more choices, you have better odds of satisfying their needs. For example, some rollers come with either standard or solvent resistant paint roller cores. Make sure to provide as much information as you can about each product and be ready to answer questions. An informed customer usually buys what he needs, and there’s no need to deal with exchanges or refunds. This helps to keep the wheels of industry turning smoothly.

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