Ignore These Myths About Granite Countertops For St. Paul, MN Homes

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Home Improvement

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While there is a lot of great information online, there is also a lot of incorrect information. One area where there are a lot of myths and misrepresentations is in the area of installing and caring for granite countertops.

Due to this misinformation, many homeowners who have been dreaming of adding granite to their kitchen or bathroom hesitate. Ignoring these myths or taking the time to understand the facts about owning granite will quickly put your mind at ease.

Myth: You Don’t Need to Seal Granite

Granite is polished before installation, giving it a smooth, lustrous and naturally shiny surface. However, it is still porous, and small naturally occurring pores in the surface will absorb spills and liquids. If these liquids or solids contain acid or dyes, they can stain the surface.

A sealant is used to coat the granite countertops. This is clear and very thin, and it will not be noticeable to the eye, but it will seal up the pores and help to reduce the risk of staining. Quality sealants need to be replaced every few years, but it is a very simple and low-cost process.

Myth: You Can Use Any Cleaner on Granite

Even with the sealant, it is important to clean the granite using an approved natural stone cleaner with a neutral pH. This will prevent etching that can occur with acidic types of cleaners. In most cases, warm water is all that is needed, particularly if the spills are removed immediately.

It is also essential to avoid the use of any gritty or abrasive types of cleaners or cleaning materials on your St. Paul, MN counters. These types of cleaners can be abrasive to the sealant and can lead a dull, streaky finish and the need to seal the granite countertops frequently.

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