5 Reminders to Help You Choose a Programmable LED Sign

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Led Digital Billboards

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LED signs are changing the game for small businesses, says FitSmallBusiness. If you think it’s time to make the switch, here are a few factors you’ll want to consider while you shop for a programmable LED sign:

Know the pixel

LED lights are grouped together in pixels, with the brightness dependent on the number of pixels in the sign. If your options are low in pixels and you want bright signs, then you’ll need to look elsewhere until you find ones with higher pixel count or more LEDs per pixel.

Consider the pitch

If your sign is meant for close-up viewing, then it’s better to go for a lower pitch. However, if want your programmable LED sign to be viewed from a distance, then a larger sign with a higher pitch will make for a much better choice.

Get the right matrix

This sets how high and wide the pixels in a sign will be, essentially determining the size of your sign. That’s essential. A sign that’s too big for your space could turn out to be counter-productive while one that’s too small can lead to lower foot traffic and sales.

Choose the right colors

You can either go with a color LED display or go with a monochrome scheme. Your choice will depend a lot on what you want to convey to your audience. If you’re using images in your sign or videos, then go with a full color display. If you’re only going to use text, though, a monochromatic color will probably suffice.

Know your customer

Excellent understanding of your customers will also help draw in more traffic to your store. The best LED signs won’t be able to do a thing if you don’t send a clear message to your audience. To do that, you’ll need to know your audience inside and out. This way, you can tailor those messages to match what they need and want.

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