Talk to an Ep Doctor in Tampa if You Are Experiencing Any Heart Rate Abnormalities

The heart can be a strong organ, but is also sensitive. Diet and lifestyle both have an impact on the overall functioning of the heart. If your heart is beating abnormally slowly, is beating faster than normal, or you experience arrhythmia every now and then, you need to speak to an Ep doctor in Tampa. An Ep doctor, or electrophysiologist, can determine the reasons for an abnormal heartbeat and can also correct the problem.

Diagnosing a Problem

Don’t leave anything to chance. Do all you can to ensure your overall health and speak to an Ep doctor if you are experiencing an atypical heartbeat. For instance, when the heart beats too fast, the condition is known as tachycardia. If the heart is beating too slowly, then the occurrence is known as bradycardia. In either case, the condition can be further broken down by where the heart is misfiring. The heartbeat may be affected in the upper chamber or atria, or in the lower chamber, known as the ventricle.

You need to have a heart rate problem checked immediately, as it can signal the need for the treatment of another condition as well. Don’t procrastinate in seeing an Ep doctor if you are experiencing a slower-than-normal or rapidly beating heart. Make an appointment today and don’t delay the consultation. If you do have an issue that needs treatment, an electrophysiologist can make a diagnosis and remedy the problem before it can turn into a life-threatening event.

How Diagnoses Are Made

Specialists in this area make diagnoses by using such equipment as echocardiograms (ECGs), which monitor patients’ heart rates while they go about their activities for the day, and by an electrophysiology study – an assessment used to find the origin of a cardiac disorder and create a treatment plan.

An abnormal flow of blood can cause palpitations, a rapid heart rate, chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and even fainting. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, make an appointment for a consultation today. See an Ep specialist right away.

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