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by | Jun 23, 2016 | Swimming Pools

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The summer is here, and the temperature is rising very quickly. With vacations fast approaching, and the kids being out of school, there is usually one thing people want to do during this time of year, and that’s go to a swimming pool. Local pools have always been lots of fun for families and friends. And simply taking the time out to enjoy company is enough, but being able to stay cool and have fun is the main focus when swimming. Swimming is the most recreational activity to do for children and teens ages 7 to 17, and the average individual swims at least 6 times per year. Overall, swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the U.S. However, my bigger concern is with the fact that 65% of Americans still do not know how to swim, and the average American usually ventures to a public pool just to look at a body of water for the day.

The danger of the last fact is that most of us have to rely on either beaches, lakes or public swimming pools. And these places are usually more dangerous than having a pool right at home. In northern parts of the U.S. the problem gets worse, because northerners don’t feel the need to swim, as the states are naturally cooler, and this leads to fewer people learning the activity. This then leads to the parks/recreational centers that do offer lessons having a heavier load on their hands having to rescue a lot of non-swimmers. An example of this would be New York State, who in 2012 had to rescue 4,000 people from drowning in recreational pools. A solution to this issue would be learning to swim in a smaller and more convened pool at home. And Right in Suffolk County NY, pool installation could solve the issue of swimming publicly. Not only does having a pool at home aide swimmers, but it also is covenant during the hot summer, and it increases property value in a state that is not known for having the commodity. A Swimming Pool Installation in Suffolk County NY would be the biggest gift to any family, and would separate you from the distraction of public pools. For Swimming Pool Installation in Suffolk County NY, Contact Sky Blue Pools and get the relaxation this summer that you deserve. With professionalism and skill, let Sky Blue Pools take care of you.

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