Subtitling – A Substantial Career for a Sizable Need

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Translation Resources

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Subtitles are something that we have all encountered but often do not think about. Movies, television shows, video games and many other types of media include subtitles to assist users in understanding the content. Whether viewers are hearing impaired, have issues with cognitive processing or are watching media in a second language, there are onscreen text solutions designed to help them get the most out of what they see.

Subtitles vs. Closed Captions

Many people misunderstand the differences between closed captions and subtitles. While the two are similar, there are key variances that set them apart. Closed captioning is a readable version of every audio component in the movie or program. This includes music, audio in the background as well as narration or dialogue. This allows viewers to see every sound they might be missing.

Subtitles are more concise. These are a text version of narration or dialogue only. This gives media users the chance to read relevant information without the added distraction of sounds that might not be necessary to their understanding of the content. A good example of this would be the captions included in a documentary or educational program. There is no need for text versions of additional sound when that sound does not contribute to the educational value of the program.

Companies that provide subtitling services also typically provide closed captioning; what a media institution chooses for their product is entirely based on their needs and those of their viewers.

A Valuable Service

Regardless of the reason a consumer might require subtitling services, they are important to modern society. More multilingual people access entertainment and educational media than ever before, and more programs seek to increase accessibility for hearing impaired and other disabled consumers. In all of these cases, subtitle providers help bridge the gap in understanding and make media a more effective tool and a more enjoyable resource.

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