Professional Photo Printing In New Hampshire Will Have Your Back

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Photography

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If you were to ask many people what their most prized possessions are, chances are that most if not all of them would include a cherished photograph in their list. Photos are like little pieces of the past that have been captured forever. Today, there are so many exciting things that can be done with photographs, besides simply printing them out and framing them. Professional photo printing in New Hampshire can transform your own or your clients’ photos into special displays or unique items. Here are some of the services that they offer:

Chromaluxe Prints

Chromaluxe is an exciting new photo printing technique. It involves printing photos onto an aluminum and wood substrate covered with a smooth, scratch and UV resistant, waterproof coating. This means that the photos are extremely durable and their colors will stay bright and vibrant forever. The Chromaluxe process also gives your clients the opportunity to have their photos printed on a wide variety of objects so they can have their favorite photo with them even more. For example, smartphone cases can have a photo printed on them, as can a Christmas ornament.

Canvas Printing

When somebody wants to display a photo on the wall of a house or business, then there are other options besides traditional framing. This professional photo printing lab offers canvas printing to you and your clients in New Hampshire. A canvas printed photo has a unique look that brings a sleek and modern look to businesses and homes alike. The photo is wrapped around a frame in the style of an artist’s canvas. Canvas prints are easy to clean, and since they are not covered with glass, there is no danger of a photo getting damaged in a fall or of light glaring off the photo and obscuring it.

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