Steps For Centipedes Control In Residential Properties

In Hawaii, centipedes are arthropods that can lay up to 110 eggs at a time. They typically reproduce in the spring time. According to statistics, the centipede can live up to seven years. They are known to seek out dark corners of a property to reproduce and to seek a food source. They are also attracted to damp space. A local pest control services provide centipedes control for these homeowners.

Identifying All Affected Areas

The extermination team reviews all darkened areas of the property first. They determine what areas the arthropods are found. By locating these areas, they can determine the best course of treatment for the property. This can eliminate the problem and prevent the centipedes from entering the property again.

Treating the Property with Chemicals

The property must be treated with appropriate chemicals. The extermination team may also use sticky stripes that are attractive to the centipedes as well. The exterminators evaluate how well the treatment works. They may apply more chemicals if the infestation is more severe than expected initially.

Keeping the Property Dry

The exterminator must advise the property owner about ways to lower the chances of more infestations. The first course of action is to eliminate water around the interior of the property. This includes sinks and bathtubs. The property owner must dry off their counters and make sure that sinks and bathtubs remain dry. Water attracts the anthropods. They must also fix any water leaks quickly.

Identifying Any Access Points

The pest control service assesses all access points that give the centipedes entry into the property. These areas may include cracks around the windows or doors. The insulation and stripping around doors must be assessed as well. The homeowner must repair any damage quickly to eliminate the access points.

In Hawaii, centipedes can enter the property and infest it quickly. The anthropods will hide in dark spaces to avoid immediate detection. They can live for several years if they aren’t managed properly. A pest control service helps homeowners eliminate them from their property. Homeowners who need to review options for centipedes control contact Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC for more information today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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