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by | Sep 6, 2017 | Model United Nations

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Being the chairperson of a model United Nations committee is not always an easy job. The scope of responsibilities entrusted to the chair can seem overwhelming, but with a little proper preparation and research before your next conference and some experience under your belt, you’ll undoubtedly make your mark on your next event in a positive way. Check out this quick model UN chair guide for pointers on putting your best foot forward as a MUN chair.

Adjustment and Awareness

The most important steps in becoming a great model UN chair is the adjustmenting of your expectations and perspective as well as increasing your awareness about the issue at hand. As you might expect, it is important to remove oneself from personal biases and pre-existing ideas so as to be an effective moderator between varying viewpoints. Additionally, great chairs must be open to many styles of debate and communication and accept all suggestions as potentially valid.

Additionally, MUN chairs should be aware of the issues they will encounter during discussion. Not only does this mean paying attention during the debates, but also doing an adequate amount of research before the event. Being prepared will always yield better results!

Remember Your Roots

Of those asked, the majority of Model UN participants would like to communicate their own reservations and anxieties with their chairs. Remembering these worries and providing reassurance to delegates during discussion and debate is an important part of being a good chairperson. The attitude of the chair often determines the success of the event, overall. If you take nothing else away from this model UN chair guide, let it be this: remain humble, remember when you were once in your delegates’ shoes, and be a patient and nurturing guide, as well as an effective moderator.

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