Senior Housing in Spokane, WA Offers Something For Everyone

Americans are living longer today. In fact, the life expectancy is higher than ever before. There are many reasons for this including improvements in health care. Further, more seniors have access to health care insurance. As a result, seniors need improved housing.

Changes In Senior Housing

A healthy senior wants to live independently. Senior Housing in Spokane WA allows that to happen. For example, many subdivisions have been built that are senior only. Ranch-style houses are available so no one has to go up and down stairs. Likewise, the subdivisions have associations that pay a company for yard work.

Another option is retirement communities which offer a lot of choices. Frequently, communities have different properties that fit an individual’s needs. Developments with Senior Housing in Spokane WA feature apartments for independent living. The apartments are decorated and come in several different floor plans. Further, the apartments have a kitchen and laundry facilities.

The great thing about the apartments is that residents are a part of the retirement campus. Therefore, they can take advantage of the many amenities. Indeed, residents don’t need to leave the grounds very often. Also, there are no long-term leases. Rather, apartments rent month-to-month.

Need A Little More Room?

Orchard Crest Retirement Community offers private triplex cottages. These cottages range from 13-hundred square feet to 15-hundred. Triplex residents have a full gourmet kitchen, garage and a patio. The lease is month-to-month and includes insurance and property taxes. Further, residents may use the 24-hour emergency call system.

Assisted Living

Assisted living residents live in apartments, but they may require some help. Indeed, some residents prefer the assistance of the nursing staff with things like medication monitoring and injections. Additionally, light assisted living is available for residents who need a little more help with things like bathing and diabetic care. One meal per day is included in the rent, but residents can pay additional fees to extend the meal plan.

There are activities for everyone including an on-site pet park. Imagine, there’s always something going on. One can take advantage of holiday events and weekly chapel services. Further, there are weekly trips including visits to museums, parks and casinos. This style of senior living is definitely for the young at heart. Like us on Facebook.

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