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by | Apr 12, 2018 | Education

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Pursuing a career in textile design can open many doors and lead to many opportunities, as many designers choose specialized areas to work within the industry that they are interested in. There is also the option to work as a self-employed designer, or as part of a team. Either way, you are responsible for every step of the process of producing patterns and designs for fabrics that could be used for clothing, interior décor, or furniture upholstery. Top schools introduce you to this exciting new world of innovation and creativity and prepare you to enter the design industry fully equipped to make a difference.


As a textile designer in the fashion industry, you are at the forefront of trends, changes, and the most recent innovations in modern styles. Your work revolves around producing sketches, evaluating fabrics, and researching designs and patterns to create two-dimensional art that is later made into articles of clothing or accessories. Taking a course, such as Form of Fabric or Fashion Construction and Design can be infinitely valuable in developing your sense of textiles in their practical application, as well as your eye for detail.

Fiber and Material

To help you to reach the very top in textile design, liberal arts schools offer courses such as Fiber and Material Studies, which encourage an interdisciplinary approach to study textiles and materials in relation to the artistic processes of textile construction, sculpture, installation, and crafts. Points of focus include weaving, print, knitting, spinning, and soft sculpture. Courses aim to engage students with manual processes of production, but also ask students to evaluate the most effective procedures for utilizing digital technologies in the creation of textile art.

If you’re considering a career in textile design, you want only the top schools to help you along the way. Contact the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago to find out what options are available to you at

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