Secrets on How to Maintain a Keg system

by | May 9, 2016 | Brewhouse

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Secrets on How to Maintain a Keg system
Keg is one of the best beer varieties in the world today. Just like beer, you can prepare it at home by investing in equipment required such as the keg filling. You also need to take the time to learn the various brewing methods to get the highest quality. That should not worry you much as there are websites that offer step-by-step guides free as well as courses that you can take online.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your entire keg production system like a professional.

Just like beer brewing equipment, the keg system needs to be cleaned from time to time. First, you need to detach keg posts, dip tube, and the poppets. To do this, you will need a deep well socket to make your life easier. While at it, remove the O-rings and clean them to get rid of any deposits. You should also replace them with new ones if they are worn out or show signs of wear. Use a dip tube brush to clean the inside section of the dip tube. For the kegs, just use hot water to kill bacteria and other pathogens that can contaminate the beer. After cleaning, make sure that you pump out the liquid post and dip tube. Then, assemble the keg back together, pressurize, and tap the keg to get rid of any cleaning solution that might have remaining inside the tubes.

This is one of the most important steps that you should take to get a top quality keg at the end of the process. All you need to do is pour your favorite sanitizer inside the keg, close and pressurize it to cover all sections. Let the sanitizer sit for 3-5 minutes before pumping it out. Make sure that the entire length of the dip tube is sanitized to avoid any form of contamination.

These are the two primary maintenance that you should do to keep your keg filling system upbeat. The number of times that you will need to do this is dependent on how often that you use the system.

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