Common Sports Injuries And Shoe Choice

by | May 9, 2016 | Physical Therapy

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If you play sports, chances are you have suffered some form of injury. In fact, serious athletes are bound to suffer from an injury related to their sport during their career and even into retirement. One factor that does receive attention from those in sports and in sports medicine is shoe choice. While professionals agree that such things as shoe traction and sticking will affect athletic performance, questions still swirl about the relationship between shoes and sports injuries. This article will look at shoes as a means of reducing accidents and other sport’s health problems.

Shoes for Athletes and Athletics

In sports, footwear is now specialized. Whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, you can find shoes suitable for each sport you want to play. Specific types of footwear are more appropriate for individual sports. While occasional athletes may not need to pay as much heed to this advice, it is imperative for those who are serious about their sport. For them, shoes that are sports-specific are not just a wise investment for upping their game; they are also a means of reducing potential injuries.

General Recommendations

While sports footwear is specific for individual athletics, you need to consider several generalities that apply to the selection of any footwear worn by an athlete. These include:

 * Fit: They should be capable of retaining a foot in a natural position for the specific movement of the sport.
Age: Shoes must take into consideration age differences that may affect performance and foot behavior, e.g. children.
 * Support: No matter what sport you play, the shoes must support ankles as well as feet.
 * Stability: Shoes must be stable for foot action.
 * Age: Shoes should not be worn if they have become stressed. They require replacement if they suffer from overuse and abuse resulting in deterioration of the qualities that allow them to function as protective mechanisms.
 * Comfort: Never wear shoes that make your feet uncomfortable and incapable of functioning properly in the sport

Paying heed to such general advice can help you avoid certain sports injuries while taking part in your favorite athletics.

Specific Shoe Recommendations

Professionals recommend a variety of shoes for specific sports. A tennis shoe is for those who need the support and must make sudden stops and turn quickly. High top shoes are suggested as being the best type for those who play basketball. Meanwhile, some doctors believe football and soccer players need to find shoes that feature short cleats grouped in the front of the shoe. This will provide them with more forward-oriented than rotational traction.

Shoes and Sports Injuries

It is very important to protect your feet and ankles when you play sports. You protect your head, so why not your feet too? By wearing the right shoes, you can provide support, therefore avoiding a variety of sports injuries that might sideline you for a game or even for life.

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